Captains Choice Docks offer a superior choice for those seeking to upgrade their water front.

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Made in Michigan

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Discover the perfect dock for your needs. With three distinct options available, you can easily browse through our selection and find the pefect dock.

Lite Series

Elite Series

HD Series

Lite Series Docks

Mill Finish

Lite Series Dock Sections feature Premium Sure Step® decking or vinyl decking in khaki, white, tan, or gray.

Includes two 6' heavy-duty stand pipes every 8', 10', or 12' of dock, standard quick connect, one cross arm, two mud pads, and all necessary hardware.

Lite Series docks are available in standard sizes such as 3'x10', 4'x8', 4'x10', and more, with custom sizes tailored to your needs.

Ideal for residential use, associations, and all waterfront projects.

Configurable in any design using our exclusive deluxe quick connect system.

Manufactured with 5" tall side frames and 1" x 2" center stringers, 16" on center.

Also available in rolling sections

Elite Series Docks

Anodized Finish

Elite docks are available in standard sizes such as 3'x10', 4'x8', 4'x10', and more, with custom sizes tailored to your needs.

Decking options include Premium Sure Step® Vinyl Decking, Vinyl Planking and Anodized Aluminum Decking.

The Elite Series dock features the exact same strong yet lightweight 5″ frame as the Lite Series, however it comes with anodized aluminum.

Includes all necessary hardware for installation.

Configurable in any design with the exclusive deluxe quick connect system.

Suitable for residential use, associations, and large water projects.

Also available in rolling sections

HD Series Docks

Truss Frame

HD Series Docks are built for durability in stationary, floating, and rolling configurations.

Decking options include Premium Sure Step® Vinyl Decking, Vinyl Planking and Anodized Aluminum Decking.

Each dock includes two 6' heavy-duty stand pipes every 8' or 16', heavy-duty pipe brackets, two mud pads, and all necessary hardware for installation.

Configurable in various shapes to suit your needs.

Ideal for residential, association and all waterfront projects.

Constructed with a heavy-duty 1 1/8" x 1 5/8" rectangle tube frame and robust webbing for superior strength compared to competitors' products.

Commercial quality at a competitive price.

Design your own dock

Visualize and tailor your dock exactly to your preferences, ensuring it becomes the perfect waterfront space for you.”


Choose Captain’s Choice for your next hydraulic lift and experience unparalleled price, quality and convenience. Our hydraulic boat lifts, pontoon lifts, and tritoon lifts, manufactured in Michigan by Schneider Fabrication, are designed to be strong, secure, and easy to operate. Enjoy more time on the water without the hassle of cranking – Captain’s Choice lifts provide a seamless and efficient solution for elevating your boating experience.

MORE THAN 20,000 Satisfied Customers and Counting

Janice I.

“Our cottage neighbor recommended Captains Choice to us. We visited the showroom and ordered our dock after discussion and advice from Trent. We were surprised at how quickly it would be available for delivery and how affordable! We couldn’t be happier with our beautiful new dock and the service we received!”

Timothy C.

“We purchased a 20 section aluminum dock back in 2016 and have been very pleased with the performance and ease of putting it in and taking it out. We love that it doesn’t get hot like our old wood dock and the solar LED lights let us find our way home at night. Captains Choice delivered and installed at our cabin. Great service and company. Looking to purchase lifts from them now.”

Alain G.

“We purchased 19 sections of their 8 ft HD series dock with sure step. The product and craftmanship is second to none. Beautiful strong and best pricing around. Also the team at Captain’s Choice is phenomenal to deal with, courteous and easy to deal with. We made a mistake in estimating the pipe length and needed longer, Schneider fabrication is going out of their way to accommodate. I highly recommend.”

About Captain’s Choice

Schneider Fabrication MFG. of Captain’s Choice Docks & Boat Lifts was founded by Gary Schneider in 1988 as a part-time welding repair venture in Fowler, MI and has grown exponentially over the years.”

The business grew rapidly adding employees and to the size of the building several times. In the spring of 2007 we became Schneider Fabrication, Inc. In late summer of 2007 we moved into our new manufacturing facility in St. Johns, MI. Schneider Fabrication, Inc. is still family owned and operated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your prices so competitive?

1. We operate with very low overhead.

2. We manufacture and sell in high volumes

3. We are selling manufacturer direct eliminating dealer markup.

Because your prices are so competitive, does that affect the quality?

1. NO, because we want repeat business, our products sell themselves to the neighbors of current customers. We absolutely refuse to cut corners on quality which allows us to have a great warranty and stand behind our products. 

2. NO, since we manufacture year round we don’t have to operate on large margins which allows us to manufacture excellent products and still sell them for great prices.

What makes your product better than the competition?

NO hidden costs after the sale!! We always sell everything COMPLETE, which means you are getting everything necessary for a complete and finished installation. Example: End plates for all exposed dock ends. Hydraulic lifts include the battery, solar panel, key fob, etc.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, but the cost and lead time is based on when you place your order and your location.

How do your docks connect?

Very simple, no nuts or bolts. We have a standard and deluxe quick connect system that is very strong and yet very easy to connect the sections together. Then just simply insert a clevis pin to keep them from coming apart.

How do your dock posts adjust?

Very Simple. Just loosen two set screws on the post brackets, slide your posts through the pipe bracket sleeve until your dock is at the desired height. Then tighten the set screws back up and you are done.

What makes your hydraulic lift better than a cable lift?

1. Fewer moving parts.
2. No cables that break.
3. No pulleys that wear out.
4. Not bulky and hard to maneuver during installation and removal.
5. The hydraulics do all the lifting during installation and removal when using a flotation device.
6. Our Hydraulic oil is an environmentally friendly lubricant (absolutely not vegetable oil) and it consistently lubricates the entire hydraulic system.
7. Our hydraulic cylinders and hoses are manufactured to withstand the harshest of environments for many years of trouble free operation. Think of it like the hydraulic cylinders on the out drive or outboard motor of your boat or pontoon. How long are they lasting or have you ever replaced them in the last 20 or even 30 years?

Information to know or have before ordering a dock or lift.

1. Water depth at the beginning and at the end of your dock or lift.
2. Type of lake lake bottom and if it is firm or soft. (sand, gravel, clay, rock, morrow, muck)
3. Series of dock interested in. (Lite, Elite, or HD)
4. Type of dock interested in. (stationary, rolling, or floating)
5. Type and color of decking interested in.
6. Weight and specs of boat or pontoon requiring a lift.
7. If you will need delivery.
8. Date of when you would like your new dock and/or lift to be ready or delivered.
9. Sketch of desired dock configuration. (Our website has a helpful design tool for this if needed)